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An Email To The Manager Of A Bank For Cancelling A Cheque.

email to a manager for cancelling a cheque

Question: Suppose you issued a cheque but the cheque had been lost. Now write an email to the manager of the bank for cancelling the cheque. Solution: To        : abcbankmanager@gmail.com Subject: Cancellation of a cheque. Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that I issued a cheque numbering 0123456789, dated 27-05-2020, amounting Tk. 1,00,000 in favour of Mr. Imran ...

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An Email About Thanking For Hospitality

email thanking for hospitality

Question: Suppose you are Rubina. Recently you have gone to your friend Tarina’s house stayed there a week. Now, write an email to your friend thanking her for their hospitality. Solution: To        : tarina890@gmail.com Subject: Thanking For Hospitality. Dear Tarina, Last night, I arrived my home safely. First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of ...

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Email about Prize Giving Ceremony

Prize Giving Ceremony easywritingbd

Question: Suppose you are Sharmin. Today, the prize giving ceremony you school has been held. Now, write an email to your friend Sadia about the prize giving ceremony of your school. Solution: To        : sadia80@gmail.com Subject: About Prize Giving Ceremony of our school. Dear Sadia, You will be glad to know that the prize giving ceremony of our school has ...

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An Email Invitation To Spend Summer Vacation


Suppose you are Kobita. You want your friend Protiva to spend the summer vacation with you in your village. Now, write an email inviting her to spend the summer vacation with you. To        : protiva80@gmail.com Subject: Invitation to spend summer vacation in our village. Dear Protiva, How are you? I hope you are well. Yesterday, I heard from your mother ...

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An Email About Thanking For A Birthday Gift.


Write an email to your friend thanking him/her for a birthday gift that he/she sent you on your birthday. To : lamia77@gmail.com Subject      : Thanking for the birthday gift. Dear Lamia, Thank you so much for the gift that you have sent me in my birthday. I received a lot of gifts in my birthday. But your gift was the ...

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