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A Paragraph about Helen Keller

Paragraph Helen Keller

Question: Write a paragraph about Helen Keller in 150 words. Solution: HELEN KELLER The great humanitarian Helen Keller was born in 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her father was Captain Arthur Keller. Her mother was Katherine Adams Keller. In 1882, Helen Keller had a high fever and she became blind, deaf and dumb. In 1887, her family kept a teacher called ...

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A Paragraph About A family In My Neighbourhood

Paragraph A family In My Neighbourhood

Question: Think of a family you know and write a paragraph about the family in 150 words. In your paragraph you answer the following question: How many members are there in the family?Write each member’s name, age and work.Do the family members share each other’s work? Describe who shares what, where and who with. Solution: A family In My Neighbourhood ...

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A Paragraph about Importance of Learning English.

importance of learning english

Importance of Learning English. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas to others is called language. Every nation has its own language. But English is a language which is commonly used by the world’s people to communicate with each other. So, it is an international language. More than 350 million people all over the world use English ...

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A Paragraph About Early Rising


EARLY RISING Early rising means the habit of getting up from bed early in the morning. Early rising is a very good habit. It has many advantages. The man who gets up early in the morning can get the fresh air of the morning. It refreshes both body and mind. Besides, one can enjoy the beauty of nature in the ...

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