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dialogue bad effects of smoking

Dialogue – Bad Effects Of Smoking


Suppose you are Labib. Recently you have heard that your friend Habib become a chain smoker. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of smoking.


A dialogue between Habib and Labib about the bad effects of Smoking.

Habib  : Hello Labib.

Labib   : Hi. How are you?

Habib  : I am well. What’s about you?

Labib   : I am fine also. Recently, I have heard that you have become a chain smoker. Are you really smoke?

Habib  : Not just so. I smoke now and then.

Labib   : But why do you smoke? Don’t you know the bad effects of smoking?

Habib  : Bad effects! But many people smoke everyday here and there.

Labib   : You are right. But they smoke because they don’t understand the bad effects ft. Do you know that smoking causes many dangerous diseases like cancer, bronchitis, heart-attack etc?

Habib  : Really?

Labib   : Yes. It also harms the nerves and damages the brain. You should give up smoking as soon as possible.

Habib  : Ok. I will not smoke further.

Labib   : That’s very good.

Habib  : Thanks for your valuable advice.

Labib   : You are most welcome.

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