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dialogue how to make a good result

A Dialogue About How To Make A Good Result


Suppose you are Muktadir. Your friend is Taskin. You don’t know how to make a good result. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about how to make a good result.


A dialogue between Taskin & Muktadir about How To Make A Good Result.

Taskin : Hello, Muktadir. How are you?

Muktadir : I am fine. What’s about you?

Taskin  : I am well too. What are you doing here?

Muktadir : I have came to you to know about how to make a good result. Will you please tell me about this.

Taskin  : Of course. For making a good result, you have to do some certain things.

Muktadir : What kinds of things?

Taskin  : First of all, you have to complete the syllabus and revised all the important questions again and again.

Muktadir : After that, what else?

Taskin  : Then, in the examination hall you have to go through the whole question paper and try to answer all the questions correctly.

Muktadir  : How much will I elaborate the answers?

Taskin  : You should elaborate the answers according to the questions. Don’t elaborate your answer unnecessarily. And last but not least, your handwriting must be clear.

Muktadir  : OK, Taskin. I will follow your advice. Please, pray to Allah for my success.

Taskin  : Of course, I will.

Muktadir   : Now, bye.

Taskin  : Bye.

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