Dialogue – Bad Effects Of Smoking

dialogue bad effects of smoking

Question: Suppose you are Labib. Recently you have heard that your friend Habib become a chain smoker. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of smoking. Solution: A dialogue between Habib and Labib about the bad effects of Smoking. Habib  : Hello Labib. Labib   : Hi. How are you? Habib  : I am well. ...

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An Email Invitation To Spend Summer Vacation


Suppose you are Kobita. You want your friend Protiva to spend the summer vacation with you in your village. Now, write an email inviting her to spend the summer vacation with you. To        : protiva80@gmail.com Subject: Invitation to spend summer vacation in our village. Dear Protiva, How are you? I hope you are well. Yesterday, I heard from your mother ...

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An Email About Thanking For A Birthday Gift.


Write an email to your friend thanking him/her for a birthday gift that he/she sent you on your birthday. To : lamia77@gmail.com Subject      : Thanking for the birthday gift. Dear Lamia, Thank you so much for the gift that you have sent me in my birthday. I received a lot of gifts in my birthday. But your gift was the ...

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A dialogue about The Importance of Tree Plantation


A dialogue between Rumia & Munia about The Importance of Tree Plantation. Rumia  : Hello, Munia. How are you? Munia  : I am fine. What’s about you? Rumia  : I am well also. What are you doing? Munia  : I am planting a tree. Rumia  : Why? Munia  : Don’t you know the importance of tree plantation? Rumia  : No. ...

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A Paragraph about Importance of Learning English.

importance of learning english

Importance of Learning English. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas to others is called language. Every nation has its own language. But English is a language which is commonly used by the world’s people to communicate with each other. So, it is an international language. More than 350 million people all over the world use English ...

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A Paragraph About Early Rising


EARLY RISING Early rising means the habit of getting up from bed early in the morning. Early rising is a very good habit. It has many advantages. The man who gets up early in the morning can get the fresh air of the morning. It refreshes both body and mind. Besides, one can enjoy the beauty of nature in the ...

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