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a street accident or road accident I witnessed paragraph

Paragraph: A Street Accident / A Road Accident I Witnessed

A Street Accident / A Road Accident I Witnessed

The accident that occurs on the street is a street accident. Unfortunately, it is a common affair in our country. Many people face cruel death everyday owing to road accident. I saw a terrible accident last month. I was on my way home from school. I was trying to cross a highway road. It was so busy and risky then. A young boy was also about to cross the road. All of a sudden, a bus came speedily. No sooner had the boy noticed it than the bus ran over him. Within a moment, a crowd gathered there. I rushed to the spot. But alas! The boy faced spot death. It was a dreadful experience in my life. The accident had a deep impact on my mind. As a result, I could not concentrate on anything for a long time. Slowly, I recovered from that incident. May Allah save all of us from road accident. The Government along with conscious people should take proper steps to prevent street accidents.

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